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53’ Smooth Side Custom Trailer
Canepa Design Show Trailer
VIN: 1KKVD52211L202933

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This trailer was custom designed and fabricated by Concept Transporters to showcase the state-of-the-art in racecar/collector car transportation. Since its completion it has been used only by Canepa Design at shows and west coast historic races. This trailer is in NEW condition.

Length: 53’
Width: 8’10”
Height: 13’ 6”
Cargo area: 50’ long, 8’ 3” wide 9’ tall

• Custom Double Side Access Doors
• Concept Exterior Trim Kit
• Interior Up-grades
• Enclosed Nose Mount Generator and Air Compressor
• AC Package and custom Electrical Package`
• Concept 6,000 lb. Hydraulic Liftgate
• Concept Adjustable Second Level Deck
• Concetp Custom Fold-up Adjustable Forward Deck
• Custom Lower Level Deck/Workbench System
• Custom Front Wall Cabinet Module
• Custom Nitrogen Bottle Rack
• Built in tool boxes and parts storage
• Deluxe Awning Package and Observation Deck

53’ Smooth Side Custom Semi Trailer
• 37” drop at fi fth deck and 5” drop at suspension module
• 106” fl oor to ceiling forward of drop
• 143” fl oor to ceiling rear of drop
• 138” fl oor to ceiling above suspension and to rear of trailer
• 36” king pin setting
• 144” inside length fi fth deck floor
• 49-1/2” coupler height
• 42’- 5” center of king pin to center of rear axle (Bridge length)
•  4” steel I beam sills on 12” centers
•  Neway air-ride suspension
•  (2) Rockwell 3” drop axles
•  Rockwell anti-lock brakes
•  16-1/2” x 7” brake shoes
•  Goodyear G-114 255-70R 22.5 16 –ply tires
•  1’3/8” ship lapped hardwood fl oor
•  Special radiused front vertical corners
•  Natural aluminum top and lower rails
•  .090 natural aluminum, smooth side exterior panels
•  14 gauge double slotted logistic posts on 16” centers
•  Plastic faced Todco roll-up rear door
•  .040 stretched one-piece aluminum roof coil
•  Steel roof bows on 24”

Custom Side Access Doors
•  60” x 84” double doors (Curbside)
•  10ga. Formed structural steel perimeter doorframe inside trailer wall
•  10ga. Formed steel header inside trailer wall below top rail
•  Structural reinforcement added to cross members and fl oor in door area
•  Composite door construction
•  Rivetless interior and exterior construction
•  Brushed stainless steel door perimeter trim
•  Lightweight 14ga. Formed steel door structure
•  .050 5052-H32 pre-painted white aluminum exterior panels
• .050 5052-H32 pre-painted white aluminum interior panels with extruded aluminum edge molding
•  All steel surfaces primed for rust prevention
•  All exposed steel surfaces painted white
•  Recessed polished stainless steel Furgocar lockable door latches with concealed hardware
•  Long lasting corner mounted door seal
•  Stainless steel continuous hinge with internal compression seal
•  12ga. Brushed stainless steel threshold and entry frame

Concept Exterior Trim Kit
•  Concept custom fiberglass tandem axle fender enclosures
•  Concept custom fiberglass front quarter fenders and fi ller panel
•  Rivetless drop extension trim with tapered rear

Deluxe Nose Mount Generator Air Compressor Enclosure
•  20 Kw water-cooled diesel generator mounted on top shelf
•  55-gallon fuel tank
•  Sound suppression package
•  Steel tube interior construction (Painted black)
•  (4) 430 bright stainless steel doors with lockable T-handle latches
•  Exterior skin pre-painted white aluminum surround
•  Radius riveted vertical corners
•  Heat rap on internal vertical exhaust components
•  In-line circuit breaker
•  Remote start-stop panel with meters for generator installed inside trailer behind side access door
•  Squirrel cage fan blower added for forced air circulation
•  3-hp air compressor with 20-gallon tank mounted on center shelf
•  (3) interior quick couplers (Curbside)
•  (3) exterior quick couplers (Curbside)

Concept 6,000 lb. Hydraulic Liftgate
•  Lightweight steel frame platform construction
•  144” long 3/16” 6061-T6 aluminum diamond plate load surface
•  Rivetless .090 aluminum exterior skin
•  (6) Recessed polished stainless steel taillights
•  Custom tapered aluminum fl ip-over transition ramp
•  Custom aluminum diamond plate fl ip-over extension: (for use in loading low ground clearance cars)
•  Formed foldout painted steel corner covers with stainless steel hinges and transition panels
•  Formed steel header with extra clearance lights
•  Custom 12V/220V combination hydraulic power unit
•  Power unit mounted behind fenderwell on roadside
•  (3) 12V group 27 batteries mounted behind fenderwell on curbside
•  Automatic battery charger
•  (2) 300-watt quartz load lights
•  Remote operating control box with extension cord
•  Nylon load and closing chain covers
•  Provisions for (2) license plates
•  Nickel-plated chain clevis links and grab hooks
•  Interior framework primed and painted for rust prevention

Deluxe Air Conditioner Package
•  15,000 Btu single zone ductless A/C system
•  Evaporator mounted on front wall of trailer
•  Condenser mounted on first shelf of nose mount box

Interior Modifications

 Interior Upgrades
•  1” ridged foam insulation in walls and ceilings
•  Installed white ABS plastic panels between logistic posts from floor to ceiling
•  Pre-painted white aluminum ceiling
• ( 8) 12V dome lights in ceiling
•  (3) 12V electric roof vents with fans and rain sensors
•  All screw holes filled in floor
•  (1) coat of special penetrating hardwood floor sealer
•  (2) coats of oil modified polyurethane hardwood floor finish
•  Custom pre-painted white aluminum and brushed stainless steel covers panels on walls above fenderwells and at front drop

Concept Custom Adjustable Second Level Deck
•  Approximately 40’-6” long starting a rear of trailer
•  Deck clips into slots in logistic posts
•  Lightweight formed steel platform construction
•  Custom tube frame supports for extra clearance below deck
•  Load surface is 27” overall width (each side)
•  Ramp finished, white powder coat
•  Grey rubber diamond plate load surface, full length
•  Full-length surface mounted radius corner aluminum V-track #3, installed on inner vertical surfaces, both sides. Track top edge  held even with rubber surface

Concept Custom Fold-up Adjustable Second Level Deck (Forward Section)
•  Approximately 8’ long starting at end of adjustable deck (Both Sides)
•  Deck clips into slots in logistic posts
•  Lightweight formed steel platform construction
•  Custom tube frame supports for extra clearance below deck
•  Load surface is 27” overall width (each side)
•  Ramp system, powdercoat finish white
•  Removable nickel-plated load bars
•  Grey rubber diamond plate load surface, full length
•  Full-length surface mounted radius corner aluminum V-track #3, installed on inner vertical surfaces, both sides. Track top edge held even with rubber surface
•  Deck folds-up and clips into wall

Custom Lower Deck Workbench System
•  Full length, main trailer floor
•  30” tall: (approximately 27” clear storage under)
•  Aluminum tube frame construction
•  Formed 1/8” smooth aluminum load surface
•  Reinforced underneath for additional support
•  Grey rubber diamond plate load surface, full length
•  Full-length V-track #3 mounted to inside vertical edge of deck.  Track top edge held even with rubber surface
•  Full-length anodized aluminum frame with custom aluminum frame composite doors
•  Laminate interior and exterior finishon door enclosures
•  Grey positive latching hardware
•  Custom removable transition ramps to allow loading of cars into fifth deck
•  (2) Custom Lista cabinets installed in roadside bench approximately 6’ back from drop

Custom Front Wall Cabinet Module
•  Custom aluminum frame cabinets (Matching laminate cabinet doors)
•  Full width upper cabinets
•  Open section for A/C evaporator
•  Full height wardrobe sections along bottom

Concept Custom Nitrogen Bottle Rack
• Custom built bottle rack to house (4) K-size nitrogen bottles
•  Bottle rack installed under curbside workbench just behind side door
•  Swing-out door access
•  Line connection inside compartment with quick disconnect fitting under trailer exterior below side access door.

Custom Electrical Package
•  100amp electrical distribution panel
•  Electrical panel mounted on (curbside) trailer wall in front of side door
•  (12) corner mounted 4’ fluorescent 2 –tube light (6) per side, spaced evenly over full-length trailer length in upper corners
•  (2) 110V exterior electrical duplex outlets on (curbside under trailer)
•  (4) 110V interior duplex receptacles: (1) below main panel, (1) at rear of curbside bench, (1) at center of curbside bench, and (1) at front of roadside bench
•  (2) 220V interior outlets: (1) below main panel, (1) at rear of curbside bench
•  (3) exterior 100V 500W T-slot mounted quartz lights on curbside
•  (7) exterior 100V duplex outlets for power to awning fans and 500W quartz lights, (2)-switches for power: (1) for lights and (1) for awing power
• All light switches outlet switches, generator controls. Main breaker panel, etc., installed in stainless steel enclosure located between the trailer drop and the curbside access door.
•  Shore power plug
•  Manual transfer switch
•  All exposed electrical wiring installed in conduit and concealed wherever possible

Concept Stainless Interior Trim Package
•  Polished and brushed stainless steel
•  Full floor perimeter on fifth deck, ceiling perimeter, etc.
•  Brushed stainless steel in high traffic areas

Custom Additions and Accessories
•  (1) custom formed low profile full width aluminum side entry step
•  Canepa Design “Indy Style” Alcoa polished aluminum wheels
•  Canepa Design “ center lock” chrome plated aluminum wheel  covers
•  Black non-script rear mud flaps
•  Conspicuity tape full perimeter
•  Front underside weather guard
•  (1) fi re extinguisher
•  (3) industrial quality floor mat runners

Concept Deluxe Awning Package
•  52’ x 22’ awning, 86” eve height
•  Lightweight anodized aluminum frame construction
•  Aluminum and stainless steel mounting hardware
•  Lightweight radiused corner rectangle rafter poles with spinnaker ends “fi re retardant”
•  High quality water resistant Grey 5oz. Dacron sailcloth main canvas
•  Custom zip-0ff bead track strip for easy set-up and tear-down
•  Zippered rafter pole pockets
•  Buckle straps on all horizontal poles
•  High quality water resistant Grey 5oz. Dacron sailcloth full enclosure walls (with black vinyl soil skirt) :fi re retardant”
•  Zippered vertical post pockets
•  (2) Custom end vents (1) each end: End vents to extent to the mid-span pole on the awning and match the profi le of the end of the awning
•  (5) rain drains (1) each bay
•  Heavily reinforced at chafe and stress areas
•  Complete black vinyl bag set: including (2) pole bags (1) main canvas tube bag and (1) standard canvas bag for sidewalls
•  Complete tie down kit: including spikes, posts, ropes with brass clasps, hammer, and storage pouch with bag
•  Specially designed rafter pole storage brackets on roadside wall below 2nd level deck.

Concept Deluxe Awning Accessory Package
•  (6) rafter poles wired and electrical outlets: (1) in center of pole and (1) at the end
•  (6) Custom cords to connect awning poles to trailer exterior  outlets
•  (4) Lighted ceiling fans with remotes attached to custom made aluminum brackets that pin into rafters
•  (4) Lights attached to custom made aluminum brackets that pin into rafters

Concept Custom Observation Deck
•  20’ long x 8’-1/2” wide
•  Mounted at rear of trailer
•  Additional structure added to roof of trailer
•  1/4” aluminum diamond plate load surface
•  Deluxe stainless steel tubing fold down handrails
•  Custom center ridge 5ox Grey Dacron sailcloth canopy
•  Custom black mesh full perimeter hospitality panels

Custom Built Observation Deck Access Stairs
•  Approximately 32” wide
•  Custom narrow depth construction
•  (1) stair system from ground to liftgate at approximately mid height
•  (1) stair system from liftgate to roof top observation deck
•  Custom-machined safety pins for liftgate side tube stops
•  1/8” formed aluminum construction
•  No skid surface applied to each step
• ( 2) Removable hand rails per stair section

Custom Tie-down Accessories
•  (50) Blue E-to-D tie down clips
•  (36) Custom made blue (12” fixed end) ratchet straps
•  (36) Customer made blue axle straps with protective sleeve

Exterior Workbench Package
•  (2) 8’ aluminum exterior workbenches
•  (2) Stainless steel T-slot exterior mounts per bench (curbside behind side door)
•  (3) Removable aluminum support legs per bench U.H.M.W. wear pads on trailer side rail
•  (2) Aluminum logistic posts clips for use in clipping into wall during storage/transit

Custom Exterior Paint
•  Complete (one) color paint including upper and lower extrusion rails
•  Remove all conspicuity tape, clearance lights, and reflectors, etc.
•  Sand all exterior surfaces
•  Mask off entire roof and all stainless steel surfaces
•  Primer all surfaces with highest quality acid etching primer
•  Prep and fi ne-sand all surfaces for finall paint
•  Paint trailer exterior (white code 12)
•  Install new conspicuity tape, clearance lights, and reflectors
•  Color sand, polish and wax to show quality finish


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