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1970 Porsche 914-6 GT
Chassis No.: 914 043 1415
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Lufthansa 914-6 GT
Second in class and lap record — 1970 Nürburgring 1000KM

In early 1970 the Porsche factory offered a GT version of the then new 914-6 for competition use. It would not compete against the flagship 911 but in FIA Group 4 for 2.0 Liter cars.

Unlike the 911 racing cars that were built from the ground up, the 914s were completed street cars when delivered to the racing department for modification. Because of the limited manpower at the factory and the high demand, eleven select race teams and dealers were supplied with all the factory GT components including the engine (see attached list) and complete factory support to perform the conversion. The Lufthansa car from the team of Dorner and Schwarz was one of the first of the eleven completed and features the unique double gas tank system.

The process of allowing factory-sanctioned teams to build cars was not unique to the 914-6 GT program. The 911 RSRs, 935s, and even 962s built by teams such as Kremer, Joest and Holbert came into existence in exactly the same manner.

The conversion from 914-6 to GT is quite extensive and includes; wider steel fenders with 7” front and 8” rear wheels, super lightweight fiberglass front and rear hoods, bumpers, and rockers. A 906 spec 2.0 Liter twin plug racing engine producing 225 horsepower replaced the stock 110 horsepower unit. The transmission had a 904 main shaft installed allowing a wider choice of ratios, and a limited slip rear end. The interior and seats were removed and lightweight carpet and racing seats installed. A roll bar was added along with a special roof with steel stiffening bonded in. Headlight motors were removed and a pull cable system installed. The front brakes were converted to alloy 911S calipers and the rears were modified to accept ventilated rotors. The result is a very nimble race car weighing only 1830 lbs.

About the Dorner Schwarz Team
Hermann Dorner and Günther Schwarz of Ludwigshafen, had successfully raced Porsches 356s and 911 in ADAC events for years when the 914 program was started. Robert F. Huhn joined Dorner and Schwarz on the team when he brought Lufthansa on as a sponsor on the 914-6 GT for it’s World Manufacture’s Championship event debut at the Nürburgring 1000km in May of 1970. Driving with Schwarz, Huhn lead much of the race and set a lap record for the class. They lost time in the pits and ended up finishing second in class to the 9llL of Loos and Pesch.

When the Lufthansa sponsorship ran out Huhn left the team to be replaced by Jim Doherty (an American citizen living in Germany) and Jochen Engel. Upon the retirement of Schwarz, Ronald Arzdorf joined the team. The team contested ADAC events in 1970 and 1971. By the mid 70’s the car was no longer competitive and was only raced in local club events. After an engine failure at the “Preis der Stadt Karlsruhe” at Hockenheim in July 1974 and no funds available to rebuild the engine the team was dissolved. The car was then put in storage.

A US collector purchased the car in 1986 and later sold it to Mark Allin and Carrie Holt of Precision Automotive Restoration in Newbury, Massachuetts.

Allin and Holt completely disassembled the car down to the last nut and bolt. Every component was restored to factory new condition with new old stock (NOS) parts used where needed. Over 4000 hours were spent on this ground up cosmetic and mechanical restoration. The result is one of the finest 914-6 GTs in the world. The car made its US debut at the second Rennsport Reunion competing on the track and winning it’s class in the Concours.

Canepa Design
Recently the car underwent a complete race preparation and set up at Canepa Design including:
• Engine completely rebuilt by Jerry Woods Ent., new pistons, bearings, cams, etc. (less than two hours of track time)
• Transmission completely rebuilt, new gear ratios in 3rd, 4th, and 5th installed for Laguna Seca/ Infineon Raceway
• New Weltmeister short shift kit installed
• Brakes flushed, new pads and new brake bias valve installed
• Front wheel bearings inspected and re-packed with high temp grease
• Front oil cooler, cleaned and pressure checked
• New rear 185 lb rear springs installed
• Corner weight suspension and full alignment including camber, caster, toe and bump steer.
• SFI roll bar padding added to main hoop and cross braces
• New auxiliary fire extinguisher
• Track Spares including, brake pads, fan belt, fluids, and spark plugs
Post Race Inspection
• “Nut and bolt” and visual inspection of entire car
• Hand wash body and complete detail
• Clean engine compartment and suspension
• Clean and vacuum interior, and front and rear trunks.In the spring of 2008 the car competed at the two Laguna Seca Raceway Fund events sanctioned by the Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA). The car has a current HMSA log book and complete FIA Historic Technical Passport.


914-6 GT Components
Body Interior
1. Fiberglass front bumper
1. Fiberglass front lower valance
1. Fiberglass with balsa wood reinforcement front hood
1. Fiberglass with balsa wood reinforcement rear hood
1. Fiberglass rear bumper
1. Fiberglass side rockers
1. Steel Fender extensions
1. Plex side windows
1. Plex rear window
1. Lightweight door panels
1. Plastic Door pull
1. Leather door release strap
1. 10,000 RPM Tach
14. 911 S combination Oil pressure/Oil Temp
15. Racing seat
16. Roll Bar
17. Steel reinforced roof
18. Lightweight carpet
19. Electric cut off switches
20. Twin ignition pull switches
21. GT rear engine lid with external pull
22. Racing exhaust system
1. Front 911 S Koni adjustable struts
2. 911S aluminum front brake Calipers
3. Front 908 oil cooler
4. Front Oil cooler mount, cover and front screen
5. 6 piece oil line kit
6. 911 R oil filter adaptor
7. Oil bypass lines and connections
8. Rear Koni double adjustable shocks
9. Rear Caliper spacers to allow vented rotors
10. Rear 911 vented brake rotors
11. 904 main shaft
12. 7:31 Ring and Pinion
13. Limited Slip
14. 7x15 front and 8x15 rear alloy wheels
15. Longer wheel studs with 21mm spacers
16. 15mm front anti roll bar
17. 14mm rear anti roll bar
18. 906 twin plug racing engine (901/25)
1. Pull cable front headlight release
2. Twin gas tank fuel system
3. 110L Endurance Gas Tank *
4. Front strut braces and cross bar (when installing 110L tank)*
* This car was built before the 110L tank was available from the factory so it used the unique twin tank system.