Investment Quality Automobiles

Canepa presents a truly thrilling scope of road vehicles. Prominent among these are an array of new European and American - sportscars, SUV's, luxury sedans, sport motorcycles and cruisers - all having received Canepa's dramatic-but-classic styling treatment and fully-integrated performance upgrades. In addition to these exciting new customized vehicles, the Canepa Collection also includes select, new exotic vehicles from both the US and Europe. Many of these cars are destined to become future classics.

The excitement offered the Canepa visitor continues with its fantastic array of collector and vintage racing cars. This part of the Collection includes everything from famous Winston Cup stock cars, Le Mans prototypes, classic Indy racers and vintage Formula One cars, to Can-Am and Trans-Am cars from the Golden Era of American racing. For those interested in non-racing collector cars, the Canepa Collection also includes examples of some of the finest vintage cars, late model exotics, muscle cars, hot rods and sportscars available anywhere.

Canepa's commitment is that every detail of each vehicle in the inventory has been brought to the highest levels of refinement by the finest craftsmen in the automobile industry. These are truly works of dynamic art.

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