The Canepa Porsche 959 Story
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Only 226 of these supercars were built by Porsche between 1987 and 1988. Their timeless design, state-of-the-art systems, and superior driving characteristics make them still one of the greatest sports cars of all time! Canepa Design was instrumental in passing of the “show and display” legislation, which allowed these sought after vehicles to be driven in the United States for the first time. In addition, Canepa Design invested years of research and development to bring this awesome supercar to a new level of performance including California and Federal emissions compliance. Bruce Canepa was fortunate to be one of those lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase one of these 959s in 1988. The opportunity to finally drive the 959 on U.S. roads caused Canepa to evaluate and determine what components and systems should be upgraded. Had Porsche continued production of the 959, there is no doubt that evolution would have played a major role in its future. Years of continuous research and development have produced a new “state-of-the-art” Porsche 959. Faster, smoother, better handling and ride quality, are just part of the results.

Phase II Engine Upgrade
The phase II engine system includes eliminating the factory sequential turbo system and installation of an all new twin turbo system including new Garrett “Disco Potato” ball-bearing turbos, re-designed wastegates with TiAL diaphragms and titanium heat shields. Cam timing is optimized in addition to blueprinting all intake and exhaust valve springs. New intake runners are matched to K&N Air Filters. Upgraded fuel system, EGR, modern engine management system with ADL, F1 technology engine wiring harnesses, high output ignition system, upgraded alternator charge system and battery module, air pumps and air regulator valves, spark plugs, idle control valve, sensors, connectors, harness shielding, switches, adapters, hardware, etc. (369 new components in all.) A complete new stainless steel exhaust system with Porsche original equipment dual stainless catalytics are utilized. The exhaust is fitted with our new bypass system producing increased horsepower and a more aggressive engine note at the flick of a dash mounted switch. In addition the entire clutch system has been modified and upgraded to improve pedal feel and actuation. This includes an improved pressure plate, disc, and modified clutch pedal assembly. Suspension
The suspension has been upgraded to 959 S specifications incorporating Canepa Design’s new gas strut design and titanium coil-over springs. Wheels
Canepa Design has re-engineered the factory wheels and developed a new bead design and modification which allows the installation of today’s state-of-the-art high performance ‘Z’ rated radial tires. Additional benefits include greatly improved handling and grip and an overall improved appearance. - 640 Horsepower570+ ft/lbs Torque
- 0-60 MPH 3 sec.
- Quarter Mile 11 sec.
- Top Speed 222 MPH